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Confidence Building - What It Really Means

We're going to let you in on a little secret - a secret that some people were seemingly born with while others only discovered in their latter years.

That secret reveals the true meaning behind confidence building and once you understand it, you just may begin to understand the behavior of those you encounter on a daily basis.

What is Confidence Building?

Understand that confidence building is nothing more than gaining the inner strength to do something - and then feeling comfortable about using that strength.

It's really just the act of making a decision, and then acting on that decision. Sounds pretty simple, but for some - perhaps even you - acting on a decision could be perceived as difficult or impossible as singing naked in front of our government's congress.

Believe me when I say there are some people who would do such a thing - and do it with no qualms whatsoever! But what is it about those people that allow them to do so?

Straight and simple, they have developed and used their confidence building skills.

The ability to feel confidence and act confidently in different situations is a skill that you can learn. It's also a skill that you can improve and eventually master with enough practice.

Confidence Building Practice

Let's say that you've worked at the same job for five years without a promotion even though you have the skills (and have proven it over and over) to move to a higher position.

In the past, you might have doubted yourself and refused to aggressively pursue a promotion because of a lack of confidence. You may have timidly mentioned something to your boss before, but quickly backed out when you noticed his initial reaction.

There are two powerful techniques you can use to develop and build your confidence for this and any other situation:

  • Mind Sculpting - A powerful form of visualization used by top professional athletes that allows you to practice how to act with more confidence before you face a difficult situation.
  • Anchoring - A technique that helps you establish a psychological link between an "anchor" (like a hand gesture) and a state of total confidence. You can use this anchor to feel more confident in any situation... in as little as five seconds.

Increasing confidence in your abilities is much easier once you know the right techniques.

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