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Goal Setting Forms and Worksheets

Goal setting forms and worksheets are useful tools to help you set, plan, and manage your goals. Instead of having to re-invent the wheel, you can use pre-made goal setting forms to help you carefully plan your goals and consider all the important areas. 

Goal setting forms can also help you keep track of your progress and link your daily actions to your long-term goals.

The most common goal setting forms include:

  • A life plan where you can keep track of your life purpose statement, vision, values, guiding principles, and most important goals.
  • A result area form that helps you get clear about the results you want to achieve for each of your important life areas like health, career, romance, etc.
  • A goal planning form that helps you develop a powerful action plan for each of your goals.
  • Goal tracking forms not only help you keep track of your progress on your various goals, but more specifically on the regular actions and habits you need to take as part of your goals.
  • Exercise forms that help you discover and think about related areas such as your life purpose, limiting beliefs, different parts of your life, etc.

Life coaching can help you use these forms to achieve your goals. Working closely with your life coach, you can adapt them as needed for your unique situation and needs.

While paper goal setting forms and worksheets are a great way to get started, they do have some distinct disadvantages as you become a more experienced goal setter:

  • Paper goal setting forms can be cumbersome to change and update as you make progress on your goals
  • They may slow you down as you become more experienced
  • It can be difficult or tedious to prioritize your goals on paper

Because of their inherent limitations, you may be a bit reluctant to update and review your goals as frequently as you would otherwise. While this may be fine for some goals, others require more frequent adjustments as things change. This is particularly true in executive coaching, where change is part of the game.

A goal setting software system has many advantages over a paper-based approach, particularly if it is also integrated with a time management system that helps you implement your goals.

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