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Achieve Planner productivity suite edition is a goal setting software solution that helps you identify, set, plan, organize, track, and achieve your dreams and goals.

Discover your mission, vision, and values for each life area

Define, organize, and manage your dreams and goals

Break goals into smaller steps and create powerful action plans

Keep track of your progress for each goal

Use metrics to track/view your progress with graphical reports

Why stop there? By combining our popular time management system, with the powerful goal organizer module, Achieve Planner gives you a complete life planning solution including hierarchical goals. projects & tasks, a weekly calendar and more!

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Goal Setting Software Benefits

Discover your mission, vision, and guiding principles/values for each life area.

Discover your mission for each life areaAchieve Planner uses result areas to represent your life dimensions or roles.

You can develop mission/vision statements for each area, capture your guiding principles/values, and perform a Strengths/Weaknesses/ Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) analysis.

Capture your wish list for each result area.

A wish represents something you may want to pursue in a given life area in the future, but you haven't committed to it yet. Capturing your wish list gives you insight into your needs and desires for each area, and is a great source of dreams and goals to pursue.

Achieve Planner provides a wish brainstorming wizard that will help you identify and prioritize your wishes for each area.

Identify and plan your dreams.

A dream is a much larger and longer-term target than the shorter-term goals normally associated with goal setting. Dreams represent your ultimate destination and provide the inspiration and motivation for your smaller goals.

Set, plan, and track your goals.

Goal planning formThe goals list allows you to set, organize, plan, and track your goals. They may represent short-term goals supporting a dream, or any other type of goals you are pursuing.

Achieve Planner helps you create powerful action plans for each goal, including purpose/vision statements, benefits, obstacles, breaking the goal into smaller steps, regular actions, and rewards.

You can then create a goal action plan report and save it in various formats.

Track ideas, thoughts, and other notes with the outliner.

Achieve Planner also includes a hierarchical note outliner with keyword support to help you manage your personal information.

Track your progress.

View your progress using metricsEach goal contains an entry where you can record individual achievement/progress milestones.

In addition, you can track measurable values using metrics, which allow you to enter numeric values for any measurements you want to track.

Use performance reports to view your progress in each metric you are tracking.

Powerful life planner software with time management integration.

If you are interested in a complete life planning solution, Achieve Planner integrates everything you would expect in goal setting software with our popular time management system.

Use projects, tasks, and the weekly calendar as a way to implement and track your goal plans using sound time management principles.

Learn more about time management features in Achieve Planner.


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Goal Setting Software Testimonials

What our users are saying about the Achieve Planner goal setting software.

"Wow! I've been waiting 20 years for this product!"

- Fernando Chapa


"The best life planner I've ever used! When it comes to doing complete "Life Planning" there are very few products on the market that allow for it... I've tried everything from paper planners to over a dozen software packages. I've settled on the Achieve Productivity Suite to help put my life in order!"

- Eric Eckberg (read full testimonial)


"Great stuff! Just want you to know that I've used several different time management software systems. Achieve Pro is turning out to be the best.... This product is what RPM and OPA tried to be, but never could perfect. It really seems to be the best of all..."

- Alan Furst


"I would like to congratulate and thank you for developing a very useful piece of software. I am a scientist doing biomedical research at a large university medical school and I am VERY busy. I have looked for a long time for software that would be genuinely helpful in managing my schedule. Your product is the first thing that I have found that really seems to be working."

- R.E. Crist, Ph.D.



"As I stated in a previous message, the "Achieve Planner software" is the "BEST" on the market today. I've used Act, and PlanPlus software for several years and these programs can not compare to Achieve Planner.

You've captured all of the time management tools I've wanted for many years rolled in to one fantastic designed package. The free "complete" trial version really provided the opportunity to really test drive your program.

I'm sold on the Achieve Planner software, and will be purchasing the program as soon as I send this message.

Great job!"
- Harold Zimmer


"What a wonderful piece of software!

I've just bought and started using Achieve Planner Pro and I couldn't resist sending some feedback. I'm a software architect and project manager and have seen some abominations and some shining examples of good software. This is well and truly the latter.

It's well thought out, carefully designed and meticulously documented."
- Andrew Warner

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