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How to Get Organized

When it comes to getting organized and assigning time to knock out the nagging issue of sorting out clutter, it can be fairly difficult.

Sometimes the problem becomes bigger in our minds than in reality. This is a problem because it is the mind that makes the decision as to whether or not you tackle the job, so it is important to learn to control the way that you think.

This section contains articles and tips to help get you started, give you ideas for better organization, and practical strategies for different organization projects.

Personal life coaching is a great resource to help you get better organized.

Take a look at these articles:

* How to get an organizing project started

* How to plan an organizing project

* Simple organization projects to get started

* Simple organizing tools

* How to keep clutter from returning

* Maintaining home organization

* Organizing tip: Assign each item a home

* Organizing tip: Getting rid of stuff you don't need

* Organizing tip: Organize rooms by activities

* Organizing tip: Simplify your life

* Organizing tip: Creating an effective work area

* Organizing tip: Dealing with mail

Check out life coaching HQ for more ideas and tips.

Organization Projects:

* Organizing the bathroom

* Organizing a children's play area

* Organizing your closet

* Organizing computer files

* Organizing an emergency preparedness kit

* Organizing your finances

* Organizing a first aid kit

* Organizing the garage

* Organizing a home office

* Organizing the kitchen

* Organizing the living room

* Organizing meals and shopping

* Organizing on a budget

* Organizing paper files

* Organizing bills, receipts, and other household documents

* Organizing your work cubicle

* Organizing your work desk

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