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How to Get an Organized Project Started

When it comes to getting organized and assigning time to knock out the nagging issue of sorting out clutter, it can be fairly difficult. Sometimes the problem becomes bigger in our minds than in reality. This is a problem because it is the mind that makes the decision as to whether or not you tackle the job, so it is important to learn to control the way that you think.

Any job, whether large or small, should be tackled in small chunks. Address the problem one piece at a time. The first thing that you should do when you are trying to get started with organizing something is to break the job down into smaller tasks. Once you have put your list together, you should begin to prioritize that list. Place a number one beside the 'must do' tasks, a two beside tasks that should be done but are of lesser importance and a three beside the items that are not extremely pressing. Number three tasks should be completed even though they are not pressing, however they can be done towards the end since they are of a lower priority.

Once you have your prioritized list, it will be clear within your mind what tasks should be tackled first. Only think about one task at a time. In other words, once your list of tasks is established, focus your attention on only one task at a time. Do not think ahead about the other items on your list, it may just overwhelm you and stop you from getting started at all. Instead, tackle the first item on your list, check it off when the task is completed and then focus singly on the second item.

It you have a lot of tasks to handle, do not try to finish everything in a single day. Break the tasks up over a matter of days or even weeks so that it is not too overwhelming. Be realistic about how much you can or even want to do in one day. Do not wear yourself out, do the work in manageable chunks.

If you can use the principles and the ideas noted above each time that you have to take on the task of organizing something, you will soon find that being organized is much easier than you ever imagined. Every time that you conquer a large task, you will find it easier to do it the next time and you will also be much better prepared to take on even bigger tasks.

If you want further help with this, working with a life coach can be a great resource.

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