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How To Plan An Organizing Project

When you have a very big organizing or tidying project to take care of, you will have to first take time to organize how you are going to organize. If the area you are organizing is the house for example, you will want to break the house into smaller, manageable chunks, such as by rooms or by each floor of the home. Breaking your tasks into smaller manageable chunks will help you to gain a focus and to prioritize your tasks. Viewing the job as a few small tasks is much easier than looking at it as one huge job to get done. Psychologically, it easier on you and you will have much more of a chance of actually getting started, rather than discouraged by a mountain of work.

Before you ever pick up a broom or begin a large task, make a list of what needs to be done. If you can, make your list quite large and check off items as they are completed. This will allow you to visually see that progress is being made. This can be very encouraging when you are half way through a task that seems like it will never end.

If there is a certain tool that you will need to complete a task that you do not already have in the house, go out and purchase or borrow that item before you even get started with the work. You will want all of your tools and resources close by so that you can move quickly from one task to another and also so that you do not have to leave the house part way through and loose your motivation or be distracted by all of the fun things that are to do outside of the home.

Another thing that you should think about a few days before you get started, if possible, is whether you are in need of new or extra storage space to help keep things organized. You may need to install new shelves, or purchase some type of closet or box to store things in to help prevent clutter in the rooms of your home. This type of extra investment is worth it for the sake of tidiness. In addition to this, begin to make a mental note, a few days in advance of your clean up, of the things that you plan on throwing away. The reality is, you will need to throw some things away to reduce clutter in your home. Be willing to do this and be realistic about how useful or how much you actually need the things that are lying around your home.

Good planning, a little discipline and good self-talk will help you greatly in your approach to taking on large organization projects. Always remember, storage, storage, storage! Also, be willing to throw out useless items that only serve the purpose of gathering dust. Prepare your plan of attack and move strategically throughout the house, checking off completed tasks from your list. When you have done this, just a few times, you will soon feel empowered enough to take on any task in the world.

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