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Tips for Keeping Clutter from Returning After YOU Organize

In order to truly rid your home of clutter forever, you must adopt the mentality of now rather than later. Another way of saying this is with the phrase, why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today? It is not always convenient to complete tasks the instant that they come up, but it is usually best. The few moments that it takes to store a document upon completion is preferable over dealing with an accumulation of a week's worth of documents. A task that has been left to grow into a mountain is a lot harder to tackle mentally than when it was just a few second's or a minute's worth of work.

If you want to conquer the clutter in your home, first of all think about or make a list of the items that create the most clutter in your home. Identifying these tasks or items is the first step in becoming conscious about clutter. Once you have identified the source of clutter in your home: old newspapers, junk mail, bills, laundry, dishes, you can create a plan of action on how to eliminate the problems that they cause.

In a family situation, you will need cooperation from every member of your house in order to eliminate clutter. The best way to do this is to assign a task or chores to each member of the family. This alone will not guarantee that every family member will do their job, so you may want to attach a reward to completed tasks. With children, this can be as simple as getting an allowance or being able to go out with friends. Give each family member one or two tasks each with a schedule of when those tasks should be done and hold each person to their responsibility.

For you and for your family members, the only way to truly win the war against clutter is by being on-time with your scheduled tasks and just doing them. Try to take the focus off of the clutter and place it on your ability to handle and discipline yourself: wash dishes immediately after eating a meal; organize mail the minute that it is brought into the house and throw out anything that does not need a response; as soon as the latest newspaper arrives, throw out any other newspapers lying around the house. Simple things like this will eliminate clutter in your home and will stop the build up before it ever starts.

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