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Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

The bathroom can be a difficult place to keep clean and organized, especially if you have a large family and just a single bathroom in the house. The more people that use your bathroom, the more organized it will need to be.

If the things that your family uses on a daily basis can be given a place and a holder in the bathroom, it will contribute to the neatness of your bathroom. If you do not already have a built-in toothbrush holder near the sink, purchase one that is large enough to hold every toothbrush. Also, be sure to throw out old toothbrushes whenever a new one is brought into the home so that old ones do not create unnecessary clutter.

Towels are an item that can really create a mess in the bathroom, especially when they are left scattered all over place. Create hooks or holders in the bathroom for towels. In fact, it helps if there is a hook for everyone that uses the bathroom. This way, there is no ambiguity about where a towel should be placed once a person has finished using it.

Be sure that toilet paper is kept in a toilet paper holder beside the toilet and that used rolls are replaced immediately. As well as adding to the neatness of your bathroom, it will also prevent toilet paper from rolling all over the place, getting wet and messy. The same goes for paper towels if you keep paper towels in the bathroom.

The frequency with which you clean your bathroom will mainly depend on how many people use the bathroom. On a daily basis it will always need some tidying and it will need a thorough clean anywhere from every 3 to 7 days. Talk to your family members about putting toothbrushes away after use and about putting their towel in the right place once they have finished using it. If you can get every family member to do their part, you will very soon have a neat, organized bathroom.

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