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Organizing an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Depending on where you live, there is the risk of hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fire, floods and other natural disasters.  Granted, some regions are more at risk of these events occurring than others however, no area is completely resistant to natural disaster.  This is the reason that the Red Cross gives advice on putting together an Emergency Preparedness Kit for the home.  First of all, if you are trying to be prepared in the event of an emergency, you will need to have enough resources for all of the members of the family.  For the home, it is recommended that you have enough resources for a three day period of time.

An Emergency Preparedness Kit is a kit that provides the things that an adult or child might need to sustain them for a specific period of time.  These kits can be made up and put together buy you or purchased as pre-packaged kits.  If you decide to make the kit yourself, be sure that you have all of the resources that you need.  Here is what a typical Emergency Preparedness Kit looks like:  a flashlight, a battery operated radio, plastic sheeting and duct tape, food, water, medications and first aid supplies.  The food that you keep in your kit should be completely non-perishable.  These are things like, canned goods: ready-to-eat meats/fish, canned fruits, canned vegetables and energy bars or something similar.

There are other items that can be added to an Emergency Preparedness Kit that are more optional, things like:  paper plates, a can opener that’s manual and not electric, a complete outfit that covers the body (for each family member); so, long sleeves, long pants with closed-toed shoes.  Also, keep a spare pair of glasses in the kit, if you wear glasses.

Everyone in your family should know about the Emergency Preparedness Kit and where in the house it is kept.  As a family, you may want to rehearse drills for emergency situations.  What should each person do when they hear the smoke or fire alarm?  Your children must know potential escape routes in the home, there should be an agreed upon meeting point outside of the home in the event of an emergency, etc.  For some, this type of preparation may all sound laughable and excessive, but the reality is that we never know when we might find ourselves unexpectedly in danger, inside of our homes.  At the moment of an emergency, it is too late to teach emergency evacuation or emergency preparation to your family.  Be safe.  Prepare now.

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