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Organizing a First Aid Kit

First aid kits are like smoke detectors, every home should have one, even more so, if you have children in the home. The funny thing about accidents is that we never expect them to happen and we never know when they will happen. Having a well-kept, well-stocked first aid kit will keep you prepared in the event that your children have a mishap. Once an accident has taken place, it is important that you have the resources that you need at your disposal.

There are some basics that every first aid kit should have. Children are always getting small cuts and scraps. This is natural as they spend most of their time playing and exploring their environment. Have the right materials to handle the every day cuts and bruises. Always be sure that you have enough antiseptic cream to apply to cuts and scraps. Wash the area first with water and then apply the antiseptic cream to prevent infection.

Other important items that are a must have in your first aid kit are, sterile dressings, band aids, bandages, an anti-itch ointment for bites, children's Tylenol (or equivalent), a pair of scissors (be sure that these are not removed for other household tasks), a pair of latex, sterile gloves should always be in the first aid box, as well as burn ointment, an eye wash, thermometer, an ice pack and any other medicines that might be needed in an emergency. If you have a child with asthma, a spare inhaler should be kept in the first aid kit or insulin if your child has diabetes.

To ensure that you always have the supplies that you need. Make a list of items that should always be found in the first aid box. Keep this list in the lid of the first aid box and do a regular checks to be sure that you have all of your supplies at all times. If anything is missing from the first aid box, either find it and place it back in the box, or replace it the next time that you go shopping.

Your first aid kit should be checked regularly. Be sure to stock up any items that are used often and that you might be running low on. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides parents and caretakers with updated information and resources in relation to first aid for children and a host of other types of assistance. Keep your first aid box in a place where everyone can reach it, however, make it clear to all of your children that it is not a toy and should only be touched in emergencies and at no other time.

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