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Organizing Your Garage

Having a neat, organized garage is quite a challenge. We have all seen the one neighbor that opens their garage door and everything inside it looks spotless; almost as though no-one lives in the house. You have probably wondered how they do it. Well, the key to an organized garage is storage, storage, storage!

I do not think that any garage should be without a series of strong shelves. By placing a lot of shelves in the garage, you can take a lot of your garden tools and cleaning products up off the floor and organize or designate a shelf for them. Taking things up off of the floor all by itself does wonders for the look of your garage, not to mention for being able to find things when you want them.

In addition to placing shelves in your garage, you should keep any strong box that passes through your hands for storage purposes. You can even purchase some strong boxes for the purpose of storing things as well. Along with the boxes, also invest in a set of labels and a black permanent marker. Once you store things away in a box, always place a label on the outside of the box, listing what is stored inside. If you place the box on a high shelf, with the label facing outwards, you will then know at a glance what is inside the box without having to strain yourself by pulling down the box; even worse, just to find out that it does not contain what you are looking for anyway.

If you have lots of gardening tools like weed whackers, garden sheers and other large items, you can place a series of hooks against one wall of your garage instead of shelves. Your garden tools can then be place up on the hooks to get them up off of the ground and to give them a home. Even bicycle brackets can be hung from the roof of the garage and be used to keep bicycles up and out of the way. In fact, this is an excellent idea especially if the bikes are only used once in a while.

There may be other things in your garage that are not mentioned here. Some people keep their washing machine and dryer in the garage. For laundry and for all other items that you store in the garage, find a way to designate a space for everything in the garage. Also, always remember to try to keep things up off of the ground for neatness sake as well as to make it much easier to find things.

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