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Tips for Organizing on a Budget

Having an organized home or office does not have to be expensive. A little creativity can save you from spending big bucks on storage containers, customized drawers and charts. The biggest key to overcoming clutter and disorganization is often the simple matter of storage. The things in your home or office need a place to live. Storage space is already all around you: closets, drawers, desk-top organizers, boxes, etc.

If you have a lot of storage space in your home, make good use of the storage space that you already have. You may have items in closets and drawers that you never use. Remove those things from your drawers and closets and place them in boxes where they can be stored in the attic or the garage. Your closets and drawers should be filled with useful items that you can gain access to daily or whenever you want them.

Drawers, especially kitchen drawers, can get cluttered and hectic very quickly. One way to prevent this problem is by keeping paperwork out of drawers. Put papers, bills and other paperwork in their own binders or folders so that they stay neat and tidy and so that you can find them when you need them. One great tool for storing tiny or small items is the small box that is designed and can be bought for storing fishing hooks. These boxes have small compartments and sections that are ideal for holding watch batteries, paper clips and other items that would otherwise get completely lost in a kitchen drawer. These fishing hook boxes can be purchased for less than a dollar at most sporting goods stores.

An old milk crate, that has been washed thoroughly, can be used to openly store large or thick sweaters during the winter months and t-shirts during the summer months. It also adds some personality to whatever room it is placed in. Be creative about your approach to organizing. If you don't like the way that one of your containers looks, find a way to spice it up a bit. Decorate it with paper, paint it to match your existing decorations or find another way to improve the way that it looks.

Once you have mastered the idea of giving your possessions a home, you will realize that organization is easy and more importantly, it does not have to cost a lot of money to get everything in your house organized and put away. Look around your home and see how creative you can be. Remember, put those things that you rarely use in a box and leave those things that you use often close at hand.

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