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Tips for Organizing Receipts, Bills and Other Household Documents

An important part of running a household well is paying bills on time and keeping up with the financial commitments of your household. The best way to do this is to organize all of the financial paperwork for your home. This will make it very easy to find the bills and documents that you are looking for and therefore will save you a lot of time.

Although most people do not consider files, documents and binders as household items, every house needs a few of these items to keep bills and paperwork organized. I recommend holding on to receipts and old bills for at least a year. You never know what complications may occur that cause you to need information from a previous bill or receipt so this is a good habit to get into. Store bills in an organized way, preferably by bill type and then perhaps by date. This way, you will know exactly where to go when you need to review a bill or a document.

You should also find a way to store and organize current bills for your household. You may be in the habit of paying bills the same day that they arrive or you may write checks at a specific time each week. If you do wait to pay bills, you should at least have some type of schedule that prompts you to pay your bills on a regular basis so that nothing is paid late. In the mean time, you should store all of your bills in the same place so that you can grab them easily and pay them all at the time that you sit down to write checks.

In these days of high convenience, there is another way to pay most bills other than writing a check and that is through e-Payments or something similar. Most banks allow customers to pay their bills online. Making payments online is especially popular with utility bills and really almost any bill that is paid on a monthly or regular basis. The payment and the amount that you specify is taken directly from your bank account and paid directly into the bank account of your utility company. It's quick, it's easy and it can save you from the headache of trying to remember where you have placed a bill or what day a bill is due. It is all taken care of!

I think that every home should have at least one filing cabinet, even if it just a small, simple two-drawer filing cabinet. This provides a place for you and your family to store important documents and other paperwork that might otherwise be left lying around in piles somewhere. If all of your documents, bills and old paperwork can be found in your family filing cabinet, the headache of looking for old receipts and documentation can be eliminated for good.

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