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Organizing a Room by Identifying Different Activities

All of the rooms in your home or in your office are set up to be used for a specific purpose, whether that is to sleep, like in a bedroom, to cook like in the kitchen or to do work as in an office. Practically speaking, it is not often that a single room is used for only one activity. More often than not, a few different things will take place in the rooms in your house. For example, the living room, it can be used for entertaining guests, for watching TV and even as a play room for younger children. If your living room serves all three of these roles, you may have a challenge as far as how to organize your room so that it can handle all of these purposes well.

For rooms that have more than one purpose, light, moveable furniture is ideal as it gives you the flexibility of moving furniture and changing the set up of the room according to how it is going to be used at any given time. If young people play in a room that you also use for other purposes, you will definitely need a large storage space for their toys. A large container that can hold several smaller containers can be placed on one side of the room. This is ideal for children's toys. That way, at the end of the day, their toys can taken off the floor and placed out of the way, into some type of storage container.

In rooms that are used for at times for socializing and at other times for watching television need chairs and seats that can be moved around easily. Where as for television watching, all chairs will face the TV, for social events, people tend to form small clusters or groups. Chairs should be set up to accommodate this. Tables that usually carry ornaments and family photos can be transformed to hold snacks and drinks for your guests.

If your home has a dining room, this is the perfect room to use for activities other than eating. Your family is probably home for 2 meals a day and it would be a waste of space to leave this room unused for the rest of the day. Some nice-looking storage containers can be placed around the edges of your dining room. These can contain toys, board fames, school books for homework, etc. This will liven up the look of your dining room and it will make it convenient for you to use the room for activities other than just eating.

It is a great idea to use the rooms in your home for more than one purpose. When planning for this, be sure to assign certain sections of the room for storing and separating the different things that you will need for each activity.

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