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Tips for Simplifying Your Life

There is a lot to be said in favor of the simple life. A life that is too cluttered or complicated can leave you feeling extremely overwhelmed and tired, not to mention the ways that it can tax the body and your physical well-being. What I consider to be the simple life, is a life that runs smoothly, that has little drama and that works for you as an individual or as a family; a life that leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled instead of dreaming of running away from it all.

Is it possible to live a simple life? Yes, it is but it requires some clarity on your part. List the things that are important to you in life. Some people may have their career as their top priority whereas for other it might be their family or a particular relationship. We all have different priorities and that is ok. If you can prioritize the importance of the things in your life, you will probably realize that many of the things towards the bottom of your list or that perhaps did not even make it onto your list, are not so important and can actually be scratched from your life. You might want to put some things aside for a temporary period of time while your focus your time and energy on a certain short term or temporary goal. The whole idea is not to have a cluttered overextended life.

The average person has a work commitment between nine am and five pm on weekdays. Evenings and weekdays are their time to enjoy life. If all of your spare time is used up, you may want to back out of a few activities in order to do things for yourself. Now, you may say that your extracurricular activities are things that you do for yourself, but are they really? This is where clarity is needed. Be honest with yourself when you set your priorities. If something does not fall high on your list of priorities, yet takes up a lot of your time, you will need to plan a strategy for easing out of it completely or at least to take back some of your time and do the activity less.

As you can see, it actually takes some planning to truly live a simple life. You will need to be a little bit more aware about how you spend your time and what you are committing your time to. Do not make quick commitments, but think about what a new activity or obligation will do to your time and your current schedule. Take charge of your life. Make definite commitments but only to the things that of a high priority to you and that do not interfere with your goal of maintaining your sanity and your peace of mind.

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