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Tips for Creating an Effective Work Area

To create an effective work area, there are certain tasks that will need to be performed by you on a daily basis. You should schedule these tasks much in the same way that you would schedule a meeting, if you had one. One of the funny things about staying organized is that it really only takes about five to ten minutes a day to keep most routine tasks under control, however when those tasks are left to accumulate for a week or more, they end up becoming burdensome and stressful.

To keep your work area neat, you will have to prevent mail, documents and other things from piling up, on your desk, higher and higher every day. To help keep documents organized and safe from getting lost, create an Inbox and an Outbox. Set apart a specific time every day to go through the contents of your Inbox. When you do this task, take definite action or make a definite decision on each item right there and then. Do not put off making a decision on something unless it is truly necessary. One wise man said that a document should never pass through his hands for the same reason twice. I agree! Assign, designate, pay, store or respond to all mail and documents immediately during the time that you have designated for reviewing your Inbox.

The job of assigning tasks, bills and documents can be made a lot easier by setting up your office so that every item has its own designated area. If you have an assistant or secretary working for you, life is made easier when you can simply place all routine bills and tasks assigned to him or her, in an Inbox for them. Then they can simply check their Inbox or your Outbox for items assigned to them.

Bills should all go in one place. You should have a regular payment schedule depending on the volume or frequency of your Payables. At this time, whether it is once a week or once every two weeks, everything that has been placed in the designated area for bills can be paid. This will ensure that payments are not delinquent and that you are not frequently slapped with large late fees.

A work area that is effective and organized will save you both time and money. There is no disputing that fact. Take a few moments to assess the organizational needs of your work area and take steps towards meeting those needs with a more efficient workflow process.

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