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Tips for Dealing with Mail

In the past, it was only busy businesses that got large loads of mail. These days, the average household is inundated with mail on a daily basis. The popularity of target marketing, coupons and commercial mailing lists means that it is very hard to escape a large mountain of mail each day. The first task in dealing with mail in an organized way is to separate the important mail from the junk mail.

In the past, the best way to deal with junk mail was to throw it away. However, if you want to reduce the amount of junk mail that you receive, I recommend returning it to sender. This may take a bit of time to do in the beginning, but once the sender receives back all of the mail that they send to you, they will soon remove your name and address from their computer system, resulting in much less junk mail in the future. This works!

There should be a designated area in your home or office for bills. If you place priority on paying your bills on time, you can not afford for bills to disappear for ever under a pill of paperwork, only to be remembered once a late payment notice arrives in the mail. Place bills in an area where they are visible and where their visibility serves as a reminder for you to pay them.

Mail that needs a reply or a response from you should also have its own designated area. It is up to you to address this category of mail as soon as you can to ensure that important issues or letters are addressed and responded to. These days, the majority of correspondence is done through email and email letters that need a response should be handled the same way.

If you do receive large volumes of important mail each day, it will be important not to leave mail to pile up. Try to deal with and sort out your mail every day so that you do not end up with an overwhelming amount of letters to read and so that you do not receive notices when it is already too late to address them.

If you have an assistant, quickly identify which letters can be handled by them and which things will need your personal response. This should narrow down your pile of letters considerably.

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