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Tips for Organizing Work Cubicles

Work cubicles come in all shapes and sizes: some are small and cozy others are large and spacious with enough room to relax and stretch your legs a bit. The way that you organize your cubicle will depend on variables like the size of your space as well as what is available to you as far as storage space and office furniture.

A cubicle area should be practical and it should be comfortable for you. You are the one that will spend hours on end working there. It is safe to say that most cubicles these days hold a computer. Computer monitors and CPUs take up a lot of space, this is why I recommend purchasing a flat screen monitor if you are currently on the market for a computer monitor or at least for your next purchase. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the right place for your CPU. If this is the case for you, purchase longer cables for your computer CPU and place it up or under something where it is out of the way.

Some very creative accessories have been made for cubicles. Some creative soul somewhere, understood that many human beings spend most of their waking ours looking at a drab cubicle space. Take full advantage of these accessories. Many items have been made to hang from the tops of cubicles providing decoration and a practical use: coat hooks, picture hooks, document organizers and more. Any office supply store or magazine should have a display with the latest cubicle accessories on the market so that you can browse and choose from them.

If your desk and desk drawers do not provide enough storage space for your documents and work items, you will need some other form of storage. Remember that storage closets do not always have to sit on the floor. You can have overhead storage space that attaches to the upper walls of your cubicle. If space is tight, this may well be the best option for you.

Look for ideas on organizing your cubicle space when you visit your friends in their offices. Every office is set up differently and if you make it a point to pick up a nugget here and a great idea there, and if you incorporate those ideas into your cubicle space, you will soon enjoy the thought of heading off to work each day in your comfortable, efficient, organized work cubicle.

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