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Tips for Organizing Your Work Desk

Your work desk is the biggest tool in your home business. The more organized your desk, the better for you and the less frustrating your work experience will be. Ideally, the tools that you use most often should always be within easy reach of you when you are seated at your desk. Small items can be placed in a desk-top organizer of some sort and your computer keyboard and monitor should be well-placed so that they do not create any back or eye strain when used for extended periods of time.

These days, there are two worlds, there is the physical world and there is the virtual world. For those that operate in the virtual world of computers, many of the things that were previously laid out on our desk tops now exist inside of your computers. The desktop calendar can now exist in Microsoft Outlook or some other Day-Timer application and can often be quicker to view on the computer than on a physical calendar. Not to mention the amount of physical space that you save.

Your desk top organizer should take into account the type of work that you do. It should be able to store and organize the majority of small tools that you use on a daily basis. For the average person, those items include things like: pens, highlighters, rulers, paper clips and other items like that. For those people in specialized professions, you may have a few larger items or just a larger number of tools. If this is the case, be sure to purchase a desk top organizer that can handle your every day work tools.

You may need a desktop lamp if you have to squint to see small items as part of your job. If this is the case, I recommend a lamp that has a long crane-like arm that clamps to the edge of your desk. These lamps save a lot of desk space and can be pulled over to shine on the exact spot that you need them when necessary.

Another useful organizer for the desk is a document tower. One is usually labeled 'In', one as 'Out' and a third can be labeled as you like. This will help ensure that incoming documents are viewed and handled effectively rather than lost in a mountain of paperwork.

Lastly, every office should have a rolodex or a business card holder of some sort. This information can now also be scanned or imported into the computer and stored in electronic form, leaving you again with extra space on your desk and a more organized appearance.

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