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Simple Organizing Tools

The more organized that your home office is, the better you will be able to complete your tasks and your assignments.  If you own your own home business, you will have slightly less deadline pressure than someone that is telecommuting; still, it is impossible to have a successful home business without good organization and discipline.

I recommend that you create a ‘home’ for all of your office tools and equipment.  If you can get into the habit of placing everything in the home that you have assigned for them, after use, you will save a lot of wasted time looking for misplaced items. 

When you are setting up your office space, be sure to remember to create as much storage space as possible.  Storage space can come in the form of drawers, filing cabinets, cupboards, desktop organizers, etc.  Some of the fun of visiting stores like Home Depot and Office Max is looking at the various gadgets and ideas that people have come up with for organizing the office.

If you set up your office in such a way that it is primarily a paper-less office then most of your organizing will be done on the computer.  However, for all of the physical items in your office space, you will need to find a way to store them.

No doubt, your printer takes up quite a bit of space.  Printer carts are sold in most office equipment stores and they usually have their own integrated storage areas for paper, extra cartridges, paper clips and other printer-related items.  A unit like this helps take care of everything related to printing and puts them all in the same location so that they are easy to find and organized.

There are certain items that you will use almost on a daily basis on your desk.  These are items such as paper clips, scotch tape, a stapler, a letter opener and pens, etc.  For these items, I recommend a desk-top organizer.  Organizers for the desk top come in all shapes and sizes.  You should buy one that is large enough to meet your storage needs.  It is better to err on the side of too big, rather than too small as you do not want items to end up sprawled all over your desk or dropping onto the floor for toddlers or family pets to run off with them.

When you are choosing the desk for your office, you would be wise to choose one with lots of drawer space, if you can find a desk with very deep drawers, even better.  Even if you think that you will not need such big drawers, you will definitely need the space that they provide.  Large drawers can always be divided into smaller units by using dividers.  Since the drawers will be connected to your desk, the items that you store in them will always be conveniently close to you and the fact that they are neatly stored away will mean that your home office will look very neat and organized.

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