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Coping With Stress by Walking

Walking helps to reduce stress by making you physically fitter and emotionally more able to cope with the problems of everyday life.

Physical Benefits

In a single day an average person will walk between 3000 and 5000 steps which may sound like a lot but it isn’t enough to keep us physically fit. This number has to be doubled before we start to see the benefits. Walking for 20-30 minutes a day at a brisk pace improves the ability of the heart and lungs to get oxygen to the muscles in the body and particularly the brain.

A well oxygenated brain has clear thought processes and is more resilient to feelings of anxiety, anger and frustration whereas well oxygenated muscles are less inclined to tense up and suffer from cramps and pain. Walking stimulates the release of endorphins which are the body’s natural ‘happy’ chemicals. High levels of endorphins in the body produce decreased levels of stress and tension while giving a boost to the immune system.

Emotional Benefits

Walking gives you the time to contemplate life and the aspects of it that are causing you stress and worry. Many people find that when they begin walking and the heart starts pumping more oxygen to the brain they feel brighter and more positive about their lives. Some even come up with long-awaited solutions while out walking!

The endorphins give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction so that when you get back and carry on with your day it doesn’t seem half as stressful as it once did.

One of the big benefits of walking is that nearly everybody can do it whenever they feel like it. Even older individuals can manage a short walk to clear their heads and calm the nerves. It’s also an inexpensive way to relax as all you need is a good pair of trainers or walking boots and a bit of spare time. You can start with your normal walking pace and walking style but as you progress try lengthening your stride and swinging yours in time with your steps. As you get fitter you can walk for longer or you can quicken your pace a bit. Eventually you can progress to power-walking which is an aerobic exercise and very good for the heart and lungs.

Life coaching is a good resource for implementing many of these ideas and strategies. Your life coach can work with you to develop a plan and provide the structure and support you need to implement it.

Don’t get carried away however; remember that the point of walking is to reduce your stress levels and not to win the Olympic gold for power-walking. Make sure you concentrate on your thoughts and feelings as well as your walking style so that both your physical and emotional stress levels will become reduced.

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Performance coaching for busy executives is a great way to improve your productivity and performance while reducing and managing stress.

If you want to address general stress, personal coaching or life coaching may also be a great option for you.

If you want to learn how to become a life coach, just follow the link to a great resource website.

Warning: Stress symptoms can be associated with serious medical conditions. The stress management information and techniques in this section are provided as general guidelines for informational purposes only. You should seek the help of qualified medical professionals if you have health or mental concerns over stress. You should also consult with your health care provider before making major changes in your diet or exercise levels.

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