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Tips To Help Your Stress Level Down

Over the years, chronic and high levels of stress has been substantially tied to the development of lot of medical conditions, among the most common being heart attack, stroke and depression.

In order to avoid succumbing to any of these fatal conditions, it is important to know how to effectively respond when confronted with stress to keep it from getting out of hand. I have put together 4 tips to help you manage your stress levels successfully.

1. Identify the root of your stress.

I have placed this on top of the list as I believe that you can never really manage your stress unless you know exactly what is causing it. As you look inside your mind, you might be surprised to see that a great deal of your stress is unreasonable.

Studies have shown that majority of people are stressed out over things that they can do without or circumstances that they have no control of and cannot change. You should look at your stressors and identify whether you are stressing on this kind of things. If you do, then its time you start eliminating these unnecessary stressors.

2. Identify a relaxation method that works for you.

It is important to carefully choose a relaxation technique and not just randomly pick a method or do a technique that other people are suggesting. There is no single relaxation technique that is best for everyone. The best relaxation techniques are those that match your specific needs, preferences, fitness level, and the way you generally react to stress.

Some of the stress relief methods you can take a look at are breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, body scan, meditation, mindfulness, visualization and yoga or tai chi. Find the perfect techniques for yourself and alternate or combine them as you wish to get the relaxing effect that you desire.

3. Stop competing with other people.

Yes, competition brings about a great deal of stress. Consciously or unconsciously, majority of people compete with others on a daily basis either for possessions, positions, appearances and many other things. Often, our self-esteem is based on how superior we are compared to other people around us and often we end up with a bruised ego.

Why? Simply because there will always be someone better than you. Hard as it may be, to lessen stress in your life, you need to be satisfied with who you are and what you have.

4. Express your feelings.

Expressing what you’re going through or the things that are stressing you out might not change things or the situation you are in, but it can help you unload some of the burden within you. Studies have showed that people who are not expressive are likely to succumb to depression or die of heart attack.

Bottled up frustrations, resentments and other negative emotions will build up within you and increase your stress levels substantially over time. So talk to a trusted friend, family member or make an appointment with a therapist—just find someone you can share your feelings with and voice out those negative emotions. You will see just how relieving a simple talk can be.

Effectively managing stress is a skill that every person living in these modern times should have. Stress levels nowadays are higher more than ever. There is probably not a single job in the world that does not involve some degrees of stress.

Stress is everywhere and numerous studies have revealed of how detrimental it can be to a person’s mental and physical health. Stress relief need not be difficult or expensive, just like the ones I have shared above.

Give these techniques a try and you might just find the solution to your woes with stress.

About the author

I am concerned with making life better and while I'm not a professional I like to share things that can help improve life. Visit my site Contented Life for more articles on the same topic.

Performance coaching for busy executives is a great way to improve your productivity and performance while reducing and managing stress.

If you want to address general stress, personal coaching or life coaching may also be a great option for you.

If you want to learn how to become a life coach, just follow the link to a great resource website.

Warning: Stress symptoms can be associated with serious medical conditions. The stress management information and techniques in this section are provided as general guidelines for informational purposes only. You should seek the help of qualified medical professionals if you have health or mental concerns over stress. You should also consult with your health care provider before making major changes in your diet or exercise levels.

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