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Free Printable Daily Planner

You can find the free printable daily planner Excel template below.

Free Daily Planner - Printable Excel Template

If you are just looking for a simple and free daily planner template, the printable Excel template below may fit your needs.

It provides a place to write down your projects, appointments, and daily tasks. All we ask is that you link to this page instead of directly to the templates.

You may be wondering why it includes a separate section for projects and tasks.

One of the common problems with traditional to-do lists is that as the list grows, it becomes more and more difficult to manage and use effectively because you end up with too many tasks.

By separating projects (outcomes) and tasks (action steps), you end up with a much smaller and easier to manage Master Project List that you can use to decide what projects to work on at the outcome level.

Then you can use the task list to help you figure out what actions you need to take to keep the project moving forward.

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In the meantime, you can download the printable Excel daily planner template file from here (Excel 2003 format) or here (previous Excel versions). The current configuration is printable as a landscape page.

Daily Planner - Paper or Software?

While some people prefer paper-based daily planners, I personally believe that an electronic daily planner has many advantages over the paper counterpart. These include:

  • Capturing - It's much easier to capture data with an electronic daily planner because you can type instead of write

  • Editing - It's much easier and quicker to edit and make changes electronically than on paper. It's the same advantage of a word processor over a typewriter

  • Prioritizing - It's easier to prioritize using an electronic daily planner because it can automatically sort items as you change priorities. With a paper planner, you typically have to re-write the list, or scan the whole list to find your top priority items.

  • Linking Items - Electronic planners are also better for linking related items together

While electronic daily planners are not for everyone, they offer compelling benefits that make it worth your while to explore.

Daily Planner Software

However, you may also want to take a look at a daily planner software system like the one described below, since it has many advantages over the pen and paper approach.

Take a look at this valuable resource that shows you how to use your daily planner more effectively.

Perhaps you've tried to create a task list, but found that the mere sight of everything that needs to be done makes you panic?

Don't worry! With the help of the right daily planner software, you can take control of your projects and tasks.

Achieve Planner will help you reach unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency, and put you in control of your tasks rather than the other way around.

Achieve Planner handles projects and tasks separately and organizes them into hierarchical outlines. Large projects that initially seem overwhelming can be broken down into as many individual tasks as you want, making it easier to grasp what needs to be done and when.

This daily planner software lets you set up daily and weekly plans, and the handy time charts also let you allocate time to things such as fitness and family time.

The easy-to-use ABCD prioritization system makes this task list software stand out from the crowd. By grading tasks according to their level of importance, you can ensure that you focus on the right things without wasting time on less significant items.

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"I would like to congratulate and thank you for developing a very useful piece of software. I am a scientist doing biomedical research at a large university medical school and I am VERY busy. I have looked for a long time for software that would be genuinely helpful in managing my schedule. Your product is the first thing that I have found that really seems to be working."

- R.E. Crist, Ph.D.


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