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Time Management for College Students

Time management is an important skill for college students because they typically need to juggle many different activities in a rather unstructured environment.

Although not specifically designed for college students, our free time management course provides a good foundation for you to develop the skills, strategies, and tools to create an effective time management system.

Time Management Tips for College Students

Here are some additional time management tips specifically for college students. These tips are especially helpful for students pursuing online doctoral degrees, continuing education for professionals, for college students who will be working their way through college or anyone else in a distance learning program.

1. Use a time chart. A time chart is a tool that you can use to find the best time for different types of activities. College students have a unique time management challenge in that portions of their schedule are fixed (classes) with lots of "free" time in between, while the rest is pretty much wide open.

As a student, time charts help you add some additional structure to your schedule based on the best times for different types of activities.

For example, you may find your peak times for mental concentration and studying, and schedule study blocks for your most difficult classes during these periods.

As discussed in the article, time charts can also help you add more balance to your schedule. Some college students focus too much on studying, and not enough on other types of activities like sports, recreation, and social events.

2. Prioritize. Overchoice is a very common time management problem, but it is specially pronounced for college students since they have so many different activities to choose from.

That is why it is especially important for college students to be selective and prioritize how they want to spend their time.

College is a great time to experiment with new things. Having priorities will help you balance new experiences with focus for the things that really matter to you.

3. Be careful with over-commitment and attempting to do too much. Trying to do too much at the same time can lead to excessive stress, pressure, and eventual burnout.

Remember that every time you take on something, you are automatically rejecting everything else you could have done with that time.

Learn why Always Saying Yes and Attempting Too Much are worst practices that could steal your valuable time.

4. Write things down. Why keep your memory full of small details, when you need it to remember the important things for your classes.

The habit of writing things down using an effective time management system will help you not only during your college years, but also when you go out and get your first job.

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Investing in yourself through time management training could be one of the best investments you make because time is one of your most precious and valuable resources.

If you'd like additional help, time management coaching and life coaching are both a great resource to implement these ideas and improve your time management skills. You can use personal coaching or group coaching depending on your needs.

In a corporate setting, executive coaching is also very valuable to help you be more productive and perform at your best.


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